Apply for a conference grant!

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We are happy to announce the availability of grants to participate in conferences that relate to the ELECTRONET Cost action. Grants are available for early career researchers from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) that want to present their scientific results at international conferences.


ELECTRONET wants to focus on those young researchers that work in the field of atmospheric electricity in all its broadness and have limited funds available to attend international conferences. The quality of the research presented should be proven by an accepted abstract (oral or poster), and the link to ELECTRONET research should be described by the applicant. More information on the scope of ELECTRONET can be found on this website.


1. Check if you are eligible according to COST rules:
2. Create a user account in e-cost (or login):
3. Note: If you are not elligible, you cannot see the application link.
4. Fill in all required details for the ITC grant, and choose the correct COST Action (ELECTRONET, CA15211)
5. Make sure you add the following items in your grant application, even if they are not asked for by the system:

  • Budget for the conference attendance and grant requested
  • Short explanation of financial reason to apply for an ITC grant
  • Explanation of the scientific link of your presentation to ELECTRONET (max 400words, add this to "involvement in cost action").
  • The Short CV should include a list of previous conferences presentations given (poster and/or oral)


Applications can be submitted continuously until the budget is exhausted. Applications are reviewed once per month by the ITC grant committee of ELECTRONET. Grant allocation might be lower than the grant requested, in order to maximise the coverage of available funding over all ITC countries.

Applications that are made less than 45 days before the conference start will in general not be funded due to time restraints. Grant approval has to be given before the start of the conference, without exceptions.
1. You will be notified by the e-cost system if a grant is allocated.
2. The grant will be paid AFTER the conference has taken place and after approval of your short report on the conference attendance.
3. The report on the conference attendance should include the presentation/poster, clearly showing the funding source (COST action ELECTRONET, CA15211).
4. Reports will be made public on the ELECTRONET website. Please indicate if the presentation should NOT be included in the public report.

Questions regarding the procedure can be asked by e-mail to the ITC committee chair Michel Vorenhout: [email protected] Note that no correspondence is possible on decisions made by the ITC committee.