Radio Observations and Theory of Atmospheric Discharge Processes Workshop

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First announcement of the Workshop'Radio Observations and Theory of Atmospheric Discharge Processes in Bath UK, from Jun 29 - Jul 3, 2020

The workshop will cover observations, theory, instrumentation, data analyses, and their scientific interpretation. 

The main aim of the workshop is to stir in-depth discussions on all aspects of observations and theory of atmospheric discharges to identify critical open questions and promising future developments to advance the field. 

The workshop will take place from Jun 29 - Jul 3, 2020, at the University of Bath in Southwest England. Bath is a UNESCO world heritage site and a treat to visit as the second most important tourist attraction after London.  

The attendance of the workshop is free of any charges - complimentary coffee/tea will be served, but there are no 

additional resources available to us to cover your travel expenses. 

If you are interested to attend the workshop, please register here:
The deadline for registration for contributed presentations is March 29th, 2020. If you are planning to attend, it is recommended to book accommodation as early as possible, as June is a busy time for tourism in Bath. You may find these links helpful to plan your travel

How to get to Bath:

Where to stay in Bath:

How to get to the University of Bath:


Many thanks for your consideration and we look forward meeting up with you near soon. 


The organising committee: Joe Dwyer, Martin Fullekrug, Ningyu Liu, Steve Cummer




This workshop aims at pushing forward the scientific understanding of radio observations and theory of atmospheric discharge processes. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, interferometry, sferics, radio signatures, lightning initiation and propagation, high energy atmospheric physics, general electrical discharges, streamers, leaders, and the lightning impact on the mesosphere and ionosphere. Contributions that combine observations with theory are particularly welcome. 

Tentative program: 

* Radio observations / interferometry & sferics 

* High energy atmospheric physics - radio signatures & discharge theory 

* Lightning effects on the upper atmosphere / mesosphere & ionosphere 

* Physical mechanisms of discharge processes / streamers & leaders 

* Lightning discharges / physics & effects 

Invited Speakers: Alejandro Luque, Caitano da Silva, Joseph Dwyer, Maribeth Stolzenburg, Martin Fullekrug, Michael Briggs, Michael Stock, Mitsuteru Sato, Morris Cohen, Nikolai Ostgaard, Ninyu Liu, Olaf Scholten, Paul Krehbiel, Phil Bitzer, Robert Marshall, Robert Moore, Sebastien Celestin, Steven Cummer, Thomas Marshall, Torsten Neubert, Ute Ebert, Victor Pasko, Vladimir Rakov, Xiushu Qie, Xuan-Min Shao.