Upcoming Conferences

-Session/Inter-Association Symposia "JA04 - GLOBAL ELECTRODYNAMICS AND ENERGETICS OF ATMOSPHERIC REGIONS FROM GROUND TO SPACE" at the 27th IUGG General Assembly, Montreal,  8-18 July 2019: The global atmospheric electric circuit (GEC) comprises the thunderstorm activity maintaining a time-varying, globally-uniform electrical potential difference between the ionosphere and the Earth as well as downward electric currents in the fair weather regions.  The strength of the currents depends on the atmospheric conductivity and ionization produced mostly by galactic cosmic rays. The atmospheric electric field can be measured near the ground at different geographical locations, in particular in pristine atmosphere over Antarctic. The other powerful electrodynamic phenomena related to the intense lightening discharges and the transient luminous events (TLE) are observed by modern satellite-based instruments. The GEC variability is believed to affect cloud properties and modulate the atmospheric state.
The symposium solicits contributions which may advance our knowledge in all areas related to ionospheric potential, electrical currents, TLE, lightning physics, energetic radiation, energetic particles, and their impact on the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and the magnetosphere.
Interdisciplinary studies which emphasize the electrodynamic connection between atmospheric layers, meteorological effects of GEC and possible impact to the climate change are particularly welcome.

Important information and deadlines:
Information about JA04 session/Inter-Association Symposia: http://iugg2019montreal.com/ja.html

Online abstract submission and registration: http://iugg2019montreal.com/abstract-submission.html
Online travel grant application: http://iugg2019montreal.com/travel-grant.html
Abstract submission and Travel grant application: Deadline is February 18, 2019
Early-bird registration: Deadline is April 5, 2019

Conveners and Co-Conveners of JA04 session: Irina Mironova, Colin Price, Martin Fullekrug, Earle Williams and Eugene Rozanov

-Atmospheric electricity session in the forthcoming EGU General Assembly, 8-13 April 2018. More details under news: http://www.atmospheric-electricity-net.eu/node/97

-TEPA Conference:Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA) annually brings together scientists interested in atmospheric physics, and this year is the 10th anniversary of TEPA. We kindly invite you to be part of TEPA 2018, that is to be held from September 17 through September 20, 2018 at Nor Amberd International Conference Center, Byurakan, Armenia. Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2018) 10 years of TGE observation on Aragats. GENERAL INFORMATION:

TIME FRAME: September 17-20 2018 LOCATION: Nor Amberd International Conference Centre of the Yerevan Physics Institute,Byurakan, Aragatsotn Province, Armenia.

SYMPOSIUM WEBSITE: Will be available soon

ORGANIZERS: Cosmic Ray Division of Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University, Russia

-EMSEV2018 will be organized in Potenza (Southern Italy) from 17 to 21 of September (http://web.unibas.it/emsev2018/)

EMSEV (Electro-Magnetic Studies of Earthquakes and Volcanoes) is an Interdisciplinary IUGG Working Group supported by IASPEI, IAGA,  and IAVCEI  focused on the observation and understanding of various kinds of electromagnetic phenomena associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions particularly from a multidisciplinary point of view.

EMSEV2018 will particularly address the topic Integrating Geophysical Observations from Ground to Space  for Earthquake and Volcano Investigations” and would be a great opportunity for students and young researchers (for them particularly favorable accommodation solutions are foreseen) to present their scientific research and achievements as well as a valuable occasion for the building of interdisciplinary co-operation among researchers worldwide.

Please consider to participate submitting your abstracts to [email protected]  before 31 May 2018.

Topics of EMSEV 2018 International Workshop

  • Electromagnetic signals associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (occurrence and preparatory processes);
  • Satellite Remote Sensing for volcanic and seismic hazard assessment and monitoring;
  • Magnetospheric, ionospheric and atmospheric phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities;
  • Integration of electromagnetic and other geophysical observations (mechanical, geochemical, seismological, geodetic, geological, tectonic, );
  • Electromagnetic methods for seismicity monitoring (e.g. natural and induced, micro-seismicity, fluid migration, etc.);
  • Signal recognition, data processing and modelling;
  • Theoretical and laboratory studies for understanding seismic and volcanic phenomena;
  • Electromagnetic imaging and modelling of seismic and volcanic structures;
  • Ongoing international initiatives (EMSO, EPOS, GEOSS, etc.), recent and future satellite missions (CSES, Swarm, etc.);
  • Reliability of precursor signals of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Important Deadlines

Abstract submission: May 15, 2018

Pre-registration: August 15, 2018 - Web site: http://web.unibas.it/emsev2018/

Place: The Symposium will take place in the Potenza historical city centre.

Registration fee: Participant: 250€, Student: 100€, Accompanying Person: 100€

Contact: EMSEV2018 LOC [email protected]